Kitchen is an important part of the house or a restaurant. Keeping a kitchen clean is pertinent for maintaining the health of the people who eat out of the cooking of a kitchen. Also because of the usage, it is one part of the house or the restaurant that might require a more regular and thorough cleaning than the rest of the compound. Our kitchen cleaning includes the following: 

Every time we clean, we’ll provide services that include the following: 

This includes a thorough cleaning of stove to remove food marks, soot and grime, degreasing of chimney surface and filters and cleaning of exhaust fan.

This includes scrubbing the sink to remove hard water stains and grease marks.

This includes scrubbing of tiles to remove food marks and grease stains. Special attention is paid to areas behind the stove which gets especially grassy due to pressure cooks and frying etc.

This includes scrubbing of the floor to make it shine and disinfect it to make the floor germ free for your family’s health.

This includes cleaning the exteriors of the cabinets diligently using special degreasers to remove oil stains.

This includes scrubbing the countertop using food safe cleaning agents to remove dirt, grime and food stains.

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