Our post-renovation cleaning service is a specialized cleaning program for newly built apartments, houses, residential and commercial complexes. 

Post-Renovation Cleaning shall include the following though can also be customized as per your requirement:

Cleaning the cupboards thoroughly from outside and inside, benchtops, drawers and cabinets, the fridge surface, inside the dishwasher, under and in the sink, in and out of the oven and microwave.

Sweeping and vacuuming all floors several times, then mopping them with the right eco-friendly cleaning products according to their nature (tiles or wood) until they are dust free. 

Cleaning the skirtings all over the property both at the bottom and top of the walls.

Cleaning the doors, windows, their handles, and frames along with window rails and sills.

Cleaning the walls of any paint spots and ceiling in all rooms.

Wiping all the walls, tiles, mirrors clean of any dust and cleaning inside cupboards, behind & under washing machine and removing paint drops from the floors and walls.

Dusting and wiping all the wardrobes and the mirrors from both sides and vacuuming the inner carpeting of the cupboards

Please feel free to hire us however small or big your renovation process was in order to have your house use worthy. 

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